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Nursing clothes

Nursing clothes

Breastfeeding moms do not have an easy life. Although the most difficult is already in the past for them, we're talking about the birth; the postpartum period also is full of inconveniences. One of them is to breastfeeding your baby in public. A loud cry of the baby tells mom to raise her shirt up, take out the breast and breastfeed wherever. The situation is not very comfortable, especially when there are a lot of people around, and among them there will always be such a person, who will be displeased by presence of breastfeeding mother. For the mom herself it is not comfortable situation as well when exposing her breast in a public.
Fortunately, with the thought of breastfeeding moms, My Tummy invented sensational breastfeeding blouses, which allow you to breastfeed your baby anywhere. Fantastic solution, about which in the past nursing moms could only dream of. Breastfeeding blouses are very practical, functional, comfortable and fashionable. Any nursing mother can feel in them special. The discrete solution makes that only nursing mom knows that it is breastfeeding blouse.
Women no longer need to expose the breast while breastfeeding a child, as well as postpartum tummy to entire society that is around. There are a functional, discrete breastfeeding blouses, so nursing moms do not have to feel embarrassed, therefore, they can breastfeed their babies wherever it demands. Material and fashion of breastfeeding blouses have been adjusted to nursing women. You can choose the colors, length of a sleeves and models that hide imperfections of waist or in those that emphasize the slim waist and beautiful breasts. Breastfeeding blouse is universal in nature. It looks great in a variety of sets, for example, with trousers or skirt. Fashionable styles, colors, sporty characteristic of breastfeeding blouse will make every mom happy. They are very comfortable and discreet.

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